01-25 letters


What do you get when you put a Washington Wild Cat, Maple Grove Fox, Jefferson Jaguar, Kate Goodrich Gator and a Pine River Panther together in one building? A Merrill Blue Jay! This spring we will have a school board election and the most divisive decision currently in front of the board is the potential closure of an elementary school. As a current board member, I wanted to explain my thought process. As was stated at graduation – 80% of Merrill Bluejays go on to secondary education! These students come from all the Merrill Elementary schools. So, while it is extremely hard to close a school or change its use, I know it was not the facility that created that great student. It was the Merrill education system along with the great teaching staff and their methods! Budgetary constraints continue to be the toughest issue that we are confronted with here in Merrill. I will continue to fight to ensure that all of our students are represented equally, and that as a school board we continue to provide the best educational opportunities possible for ALL our students.

Thank you for allowing me to serve on the school board for the last 3 years! Hopefully you have seen my concern for the MAPS educational system through my votes and comments on the board. Please vote for me as I seek a 2nd term on the school board. I am completely vested in the Merrill school system AND its future because I have 3 children attending our schools. I know that no matter which elementary school they attend, they will get the same great education that we are known for! I promise to continue to look at all sides of an issue and try to make the best decision for MAPS. I also promise to never become a one issue school board member who will champion their personal cause at the expense of all other student groups. Every child has a voice and a dream and no one is more important than another. Again, I ask for your vote in the upcoming MAPS school board election!


Brad Kanitz


Dear Editor,

I would like to know why the gas prices in Merrill and Wausau are so high. I went to Medford the other week and I paid $3.29. The gas in Merrill was $3.44. Same with Antigo – they are always cheaper. Even up north some cities are lower than here.

I feel like I am getting robbed and someone is filling their pockets.

Leila Marnholtz


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