NCWWDB responds to Brokaw paper mill closure announcement

The North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board’s (NCWWDB) Dislocated Worker program staff has been working with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) behind the scenes since Wednesday’s announcement that Wausau Papers will be closing its Brokaw plant.
A state-developed Rapid Response Team, including representatives from DWD and the Dislocated Worker Program, will be meeting soon with company and union officials to gather more details about the closure. That meeting will be followed by a series of private meetings with employees to discuss options, services, and resources. As information is gathered on the characteristics of this workforce and their expressed desire for retraining, NCWWDB will be working with area technical colleges to develop additional training opportunities. Workers affected by the Brokaw mill closure are immediately eligible to access Dislocated Worker Program services at their local Job Center.
NCWWDB has asked the Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce to coordinate development of a Community Response Team. This team comprised of local, state, and federal representatives, as well as economic and workforce development agencies will help identify and respond to the myriad of community impacts of this major dislocation.
In a statement released today, NCWWDB Executive Director, Rene Daniels announced, “The North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board and its workforce partners are 100% committed to ensuring these workers have access to the services they need through this difficult transition. We are grateful for all the offers of assistance from our elected officials and community leaders.”

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