Materials, books & time donated by retired Jefferson teacher

Upon her retirement at the end of the 2009 – 2010 school year, Mrs. Carol Wyland donated to Jefferson Elementary over $3,500 worth of classroom materials and leveled reading books. As many MAPS teachers do every year, these materials and books were items she had purchased, out of her own pocket, over the course of her time at Jefferson. Many of the books donated were leveled reading books that were added to the Jefferson Elementary leveled reading bookroom.

In addition, Mrs. Wyland has graciously logged over 380 volunteer hours at Jefferson thus far this school year (as of Jan. 30). The majority of her donated time was spent organizing, inventorying, and cataloging leveled reading books and entering the information into an automated system.

Jefferson Elementary now has a state-of-art bookroom with over 3,346 titles, and 21,000 total books. Teachers are able to access, check-out, and check back in books electronically.

Leveled reading books are used by teachers/students as part of their daily literacy block.

In appreciation of her many years of service to Jefferson Elementary, and for her gracious book donations and countless volunteer hours, Jefferson Elementary’s Bookroom was dedicated to Mrs. Carol Wyland at a recent all school assembly. The dedication plaque will proudly be displayed in the Jefferson Bookroom.

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