Lincoln County Health Department Receives Sealant Grant

Lincoln County Health Department has recently received a grant from the Wisconsin Seal-a-Smile program, funded through the Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile (SAS) is a statewide sealant program that offers grants to local school-based programs targeting underserved children. Dental sealants are a plastic material placed on the pits or crevices of the chewing surfaces of teeth. Sealants cover up to 90 percent of the places where decay occurs in children’s teeth. Sealants prevent tooth decay by creating a barrier between a tooth and decay-causing bacteria. Sealants also stop cavities from growing and can prevent the need for expensive fillings. Sealants are 100 percent effective if they are kept on the tooth.

Lincoln County Health Department will be piloting this program with second graders at Kate Goodrich Elementary School (Merrill) and Tomahawk Elementary School this spring. This program will include dental screening, sealants, topical fluoride applications, and follow-up checks for those who wish to participate. Education will also be provided to the students through class room education.

The LCHD offers special thanks to Kate Goodrich Elementary School, Tomahawk Elementary School, area dentists and dental hygienists, Sacred Heart Hospital Community Foundation, Parent Teacher Organizations, and school volunteers. They are key to carry out this program.

If you would like more information on the Seal-a-Smile program, please contact Shelley Hersil for more information at 715-539-1360 or [email protected].

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