State 4-H Volunteer of the Year

Sandy Thurs, a 4-H Volunteer Leader in Lincoln County, recently received the Wisconsin 4-H Volunteer of the Year (Under 10 Years of Volunteering). Sandy has been a 4-H Volunteer in Lincoln County for over 4 years. She has served as the Co-Organizational Leader for the Hamburg Hawks 4-H Club. Under her leadership, a focus on reaching out to new youth, particularly those that may need extra support, was successful as new members joined the club. Sandy has also served on the Board of Directors in leadership roles. She is very involved in the poultry project and expanded the number of educational opportunities available for project members. Under her leadership as coach for the Avian Bowl, the team was grand champion and competed at the national level. Sandy is described as helpful and always willing to assist new youth and volunteers to be the best they can be.

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