In this column: a/t = assess./treat., DC = disorderly conduct, BJ = bail jumping, CDTP = criminal damage to property, OAR = operating after revocation.

Patrick J. Pyatt, 22, Eau Claire, possess marijuana & resisting/obstructing officer, 12 mos probation, $100 fine, AODA, 6 mos drivers license suspension.

Dandre A. Barber, 26, Merrill, possess w/intent to deliver controlled substance on or near a park, 42 mos prison (18 mos confinement/24 mos extended supervision); party to the crime of armed robbery, 10 yrs prison ( 5 yrs confinement/5 yrs extended supervision), $2868 restitution, no contact w/victims, maintain/obtain full time employment, AODA, no alcohol/illegal drugs, $500 restitution to Crime Stoppers.

Mindy D. Huntington, 31, Tomahawk, DC, 18 mos probation withheld, $100 fine.

Janet L. Zellner, 49, Merrill, theft-false representation (2 counts), 2 yrs probation, $100 fine, $2400 restitution.

Todd M. Mohr, 38, Gleason, OWI 2nd, $916 fine, AODA, 12 mos drivers license revocation, 5 days jail; battery (2 counts), 24 mos probation, $3700 restitution, $100 fine, no contact w/victims, apology letter to victims, AODA, no alcohol/taverns, 25 days jail.

Marsha A. Welch, 26, Tripoli, DC, $100 fine, 10 days jail.

Jason F. Breitenfeld, 34, Tomahawk, worthless checks, 12 mos probation, $937.47 restitution, budget basics course.

Edwin W. Johnson, 78, Merrill, DC, 12 mos probation.

David W. Fish, 29, Tomahawk, resisting/obstructing officer & BJ, 24 mos probation, no alcohol/taverns, $250 fine.

Felecia Fosdal, 25, Tripoli, obstructing officer, $300 fine.

David S. Baumgart, 19, Merrill, CDTP, $250 fine.

Anthony S. Dohms, 38, Wausau, OAR, $320.50 fine.

Eleazar Aguirre, 22, Merrill, operate w/out valid license, $246 fine.

Jeremy R. Deutsch, 34, Merrill, take & drive vehicle w/out consent, 1 yr probation.

Michael J. Nelson, 31, Merrill, criminal trespass to dwelling & possess drug paraphernalia, $100 fine, 30 days jail.

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