Organizational meeting for Empowered Dream Hunts

An organizational meeting to establish a local chapter of Empowered Dream Hunts will be held Aug. 30, from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Little Lakes Lodge, off Nelson Road near Irma. Empowered Dream Hunts offers hunting experiences for hunters with physical challenges. A hunt is planned for this year’s bow season with Mitch Hoyt of Marathon, who was paralyzed in 2006 after a fall from a tree stand while bow hunting.

Empowered Dream Hunts was organized by Joe Ramsey, who went from being an inmate at Lincoln Hills School in his youth to an All-American wrestler.

Joe and Laurie Ramsey established Empowered Dream Hunts in 2007. With Joe’s love for the outdoors and hunting, Joe noticed that there was a need to help those with challenges, disabilities or illness, so they can have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as well.

As a family, the Ramsey’s have worked together in finding recipients to enjoy a hunting experience, fund raise to cover the costs, and provide a keepsake to the recipient. The Ramsey’s consider the recipients and their families a part of their family through their experience.

Empowered Dream Hunts encourages having family involvement always. The recipient’s family is encouraged to assist in fund raising efforts. They are also encouraged to come along and experience the hunt with their family member (recipient). Being with family makes the hunting weekend much more memorable and special.

Empowered Dream Hunts, together with Little Lakes Ranch and Lodge provide the memorable experience for the hunt. Little Lakes is family-owned and operated, and opened for business in 2005. The 240-acre property has been in the family for nearly 40 years, and they’re proud to share it’s beauty with others. Mr. Busha began a small deer farm over 15 years ago, and family and friends have been involved in expanding the Ranch ever since. They’re proud of their beautiful trophy whitetail stock, as well as the other amenities available at Little Lakes.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the organization may contact Joe at 920-290-2108.

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