Merrill Historical Society prepares for Crazy Daze sale

In preparation for the future construction of the new Merrill History & Culture Center and renovation of its church building, the Merrill Historical Society is preparing excess items obtained in the purchase of the former Bethlehem Lutheran Church for disbursement. The Society is retaining the altar, antique pump organ, 2-3 pews, a few ornamental vestments and assorted items of historical value to create a temporary exhibit along with additional Society artifacts to showcase all the churches of Merrill.

Because so many of the items pertain specifically to the religious community, the Society has offered the opportunity to local churches to consider what is available for their churches. A public sale will be held on Crazy Daze, Aug. 11. Proceeds from the sale of items will benefit the Capital Campaign.

Seventeen pews from the 1891 church and three pews from the 1926 church are now available for sale. Renea and Todd Frederick were the first buyers, taking two pews for a donation of $1,000 to the Capital Campaign. They were impressed with the historic building and stated that the Historical Society’s campaign is an economic step forward for the entire community.

For more information on purchasing pews or to contribute to the Capital Campaign, contact the Merrill Historical Society, 102 E. Third St., Merrill, 715-536-5652.

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