10-digit phone dialing starts this Saturday

Users of regular landline telephone will have to dial all 10 digits of a phone number just like users of cell phones starting Saturday.

The switch is being prompted by the increasing number of phone numbers in both the 715 and 920 area codes. Ironically, this growth in numbers has been caused, in large part, by the increase of cell phones in the area. To allow for this growth, new area codes are being created within these two regions of the state.

The new 534 area code is being created because telephone numbers in the 715 area code are expected to run out by late 2011, according to the Public Service Commission. The PSC decided on an overlay area code instead of splitting up 715 into two area codes because, according to a statement on the PSC’s web site, “the Commission determined that an overlay is the best alternative because it allows for the most efficient use of Wisconsin’s new numbering resources, it minimizes many potential implementation problems and because it

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