Stock up on stamps – before the price increase

Postage rates are about to increase again.


Planning an upcoming wedding where you’ll be sending lots of invitations? Or perhaps just thinking ahead to your Christmas card list for the holidays this winter? You might want to think about stocking up on postage stamps before the upcoming price increase.
Currently first class mail forever postage stamps are 68 cents each. But effective July 14, 2024, the cost of those same stamps will go up by more than 7.3 percent, an increase of 5 cents each, bringing the price to 73 cents each. In other words, if you buy a roll of 100 first class mail forever postage stamps on July 12, 2024, it will cost $68, but if you wait until July 14, that same roll of stamps will cost $73.
It will cost $5 more per hundred Christmas cards or invitations – or whatever you plan to mail – when you send it via regular first class mail if you buy your stamps for that mailing after July 14.
The good news is, if you purchase your first class mail forever stamps by July 13, you can stock up at the 68 cent rate and still use those same forever stamps until you run out. You won’t need to purchase 5 cent stamps to “make up the difference” when using the “old” stamps like “back in the day” when stamps had specific denominations on them and you needed to have the “exact change,” so to speak, to mail a letter.

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