Park City Gardens 2024 update

As summer quickly approaches, volunteers with Park City Gardens are setting to work on 20 beautiful flower gardens located throughout the city of Merrill, designed to beautify our community. Park City Gardens is a group of volunteers who have developed and maintained these gardens over many years. The success of Park City Gardens is all due to the volunteers and donations from individuals and organizations. Volunteers spend countless hours cultivating, planting, weeding, and maintaining their flower gardens. The monetary donations cover the cost of purchasing flowers, watering, fertilizer, etc.
This year Park City Gardens in need of a couple more volunteers to maintain a small garden at the entrance to Stange’s Park. Anyone interested in maintaining this garden – or volunteering in another capacity – should contact Ginny Drew at 715.218.2527 or Katy Weckwerth 715.218.5092.
Park City Gardens as an organization also awards the residential Garden of the Month Award, awarded each year for the months of June, July, and August. A small committee of its members tours the Merrill community in search of and admiring residential gardens, looking for the hidden gems throughout the community. If you know of someone with a beautiful garden to be considered, please contact (call or text) Linda Huss 715.218.4155 or Anne Donner at 715.571.6788.
For more information, to volunteer, or to make a donation to the continuing work of Park City Gardens, contact any of the previously-mentioned members. Watch for updates on the Positively Merrill Facebook page and in this newspaper. Maintaining and updating one of the flower gardens is a great way to remember or honor someone special.

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