MARCH 18, 2024
Boy, Reid James, born to Melanie Lunda and Mark Lunda of White Bear Lake, Minn. Local grandparents are Maxine and Jay Tlusty of Merrill.

MAY 6, 2024
Boy, Jett Qani, born to Amber Powell and Jeton Ibraimi of Rothschild.

MAY 10, 2024
Girl, Adalyn Lee, born to Annie Befort and Bryce Befort of Merrill.

MAY 15, 2024
Boy, Chet Michael, born to Lindsay Doescher and Michael Doescher of Wausau.

MAY 17, 2024
Girl, Emma Grace, born to Marie Waldvogel and Dylan Hanke of Merrill.

MAY 20, 2024
Girl, Paisley Rhea, born to Allison Ress and Dakota Ress of Merrill.

MAY 25, 2024
Boy, Keith Daniel Jr., born to Thea Osborne and Keith Osborne of Merrill.

MAY 29, 2024
Girl, Princess Yui Carias, born to Maria Rosa Cyzan and Justin Cyzan of Marathon.

JUNE 1, 2024
Boy, Edgar Craig, born to Jessica Pfaff and Steven Pfaff of Merrill.

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