LCHS March donors and sponsors

The Lincoln County Humane Society (LCHS) would like to thank the following donors for their support in March:
Meghan Stevenson; Anonymous; Bruce Pfaff; Dean Barker; Joe and Christine Roets; Joan Sodini; Cecil Ballou; Judy Hall; Lisa Hass; Candice Jacobson; Brian Jossart; Cindee Kufahl; Kelly Nabozny; Ronald Oestreich; John Schaffer; Wanda Seefeldt; Jerry and Susan Zastrow; WCAR; Darlene Raunio; Liberty Mutual Group; United Health Group; Nadine Appel; Karen and Ken Matushak; Ruth James; Merget’s Moutwatering Mayhem; Debra Green; Kate Goodrich Elementary; Mary Jaax; Shawn and Nicole Henke; Delores Slizewski; Janet Selnes; Pamela Welch; Russell and Nancy Putnam; Jeffrey Scott; Merget’s Moutwatering Mayhem; Tomahawk Lions Club; Kendra Hawley; Harley Davidson; Ivy Catlin; Mary Marquard; Jeffrey Kuklinski; Tasha Jaeger; Sharayah Lee; Paypal Giving Fund; Connie Barkoski; Sandra Ratkovich; Jennifer Moore; Sandra Sielicki-Korczak; Nicole Zygarlicke; Joan Kubczak; Tracy Anderson; Lynn Roeder; Katie Franzen; Ursula and Michael Stearns; John Oestreich; Stacy Owen; Tina Bowman; Tyler Witucki; Michelle Westpfahl; Kaylee Clark; Krista Meronek; Rene Rebeck; Douglas Curtis; Jackie Gotchy; Misty Jepsen; Scott Thiele; Catherine Neumeier; Mindy Arndt; Tom Pollack; Angela Copeland; Jackie Arrowood; Patty Van De Weerd; Jenny Flegner; Toni Chacon; Debra Parrish; Cody Bramann; Collin Van De Weerd; Dan Newman; Amy Marthenze; Jane Parsons; Wayne Cooper; Debbie Wyatt; Lynn Meyer; Melissa Scharrer; Kendra Huotari; Cheryl Dursun; Linda Tompach; Janet Liftee – International Instructional and Writing Services; Jennifer Hass; Tim Huebner; Ashley Steigerwaldt; Kathryn McKee; Donna Schulz; Catlin Swartz; Susan Sternot; Pat Erickson; Tim Bohn; Mary Cejka; Steven Johnson; Amy Huftel; Sarah Schenzel; David Cole; Sally Baade; Nice as New LLC; Layla, Luke, and Katie Wadzinski-Hafner; T.B. Scott Library; Michael and Jill Oemichen; Tibest Philanthropy; Patti Pophal-Stickler; Hilary Scully; Lauren Crockett; Jennifer Haas; and Cynthia Griffinn. (Donations made at the end of March may be listed under the April donor list.)
The LCHS also wants to thank the following donors for sponsoring an adoptable pet’s adoption fee in March:
Christine Canning; Connie Barkoski; James Rehwinkel; and Jamie & Rachael Thiel.
We appreciate the support of our shelter pets!

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