ANOTHER Postage Hike!

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Dear Reader,

The United State Postal Service recently announced another 10% increase in their rates effective July 14, 2024.

Since 2021, there have been five previous rate increases; this is the sixth. This announcement coincides with severe deterioration in the USPS’s performance; simply put, the mail is often late.  These rate increases affect individuals sending mail as well as newspapers delivering the news. The rate increases have grown to a crisis. Your voice is needed, to ask Congress to place a moratorium on any rate increases, effective immediately.

Mail is a vital service to all Americans and provides information that cannot be transmitted digitally. The USPS’s price increases have been so aggressive that mail volume is declining, which creates a death spiral: Each rate increase reduces the mail volume, making another rate increase necessary, leading to still more volume declines.

Consider the following:

First Class Mail Stamps

24 percent increase since 2022; another 7.8 percent increase scheduled for July 14, 2024.

Periodical Mail (Paid Newspapers)

Periodical postage increase for July 2024 will be about 5-7 percent increase since January 2024.

EDDM (Free Newspapers)

11 percent increase for community newspapers; the rate increase means newspapers are paying about 33 percent more for postage than three years ago.

Many newspapers rely on the mail to deliver local news to big, medium-sized and small communities alike. We depend on the Post Office and need it to succeed, but not at the cost of our ability to continue serving our readers.

For easy reference, following is contact information for your Senate and Congressional representatives, as well as State Senate and Assembly members. Please call them or leave a message on their constituent website. Ask them to put an immediate stop to postal rate increases that affect all of us. This action will help stabilize local news in your and our communities and preserve the stewardship that the print medium has had in helping our communities to stay strong, dynamic and filled with character.

Your Congressmen

1st District: Bryan Steil (R) – (202) 225-3031

2nd District: Mark Pocan (D) – (202) 225-2906

3rd District: Derrick Van Orden – (202) 225-5506

4th District: Gwen Moore (D) – (202) 225-4572

5th District: Scott L. Fitzgerald – (202) 225-5101

6th District: Glenn Grothman (R) – (202) 225-2476

7th District: Tom Tiffany (R) – (202) 225-3365

8th District: Currently vacant

Thank you for your help in this noble endeavor.

Patrick Wood, Publisher

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