Week 7 and the Bluejay Varsity Trap Team remains undefeated

This week they face off against rival Mosinee

Last week’s final Merrill Varsity shooter, Landon Hipke, shot a perfect 25 to help Merrill pull out a very narrow win. Photo courtesy of Merrill Bluejay Trap Team.


Week 7 was a nailbiter for the Merrill Bluejay Varsity Trap Team. Going in undefeated, they faced off against Lakeland Union High School and the weekly score was a tie: 119-119. Their last Varsity shooter, Landon Hipke, shot a perfect 25, saving the matchup and resulting in the tie. Reverse Run (RR) scores were used to break the tie, resulting in a Bluejays win, with a RR score of Merrill 72-Lakeland 49.
Merrill remains narrowly undefeated going into Week 8.
Similarly, their biggest rival, the Mosinee Trap Team pulled out a narrow win in Week 7 with a score of 119 against the Tomahawk Claybusters.
This week will be the showdown [or shootout] between the two undefeated rivals: Merrill vs. Mosinee. The Merrill Varsity Bluejays will need to bring their steady, consistent shooting if they are to take the win.
After this week’s shooting, Merrill Varsity shooter Christopher Holz held onto his third place position in the Conference and Bobby Hoff advanced to fourth place in the Conference. Both have a score of 163, but Holz leads slightly with 125 RR compared to 74 RR for Holz.
Holding fast to their undefeated status, the Merrill Bluejay Trap Team will rely on their heavy hitters/straight shooters on Varsity to see if they can pull out the win against Mosinee this week.
The JV and Intermediate Advanced teams also won their matches against Lakeland, 121-112 and 100-80, respectively.
In JV, Merrill’s Mathew Maas holds third place in the Conference with a score of 160 and Merrill’s Mason Meyer is in fifth place in the Conference with a score of 157. For female shooters, Merrill’s Maria Ashbrenner and Lily Kufahl hold fast to their leading positions in first and second place female competitors with scores of 151 and 127, respectively.

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