Lindstrom celebrates her 100th birthday in Silver Sneakers style

Ruth Lindstrom smiles for a photo after being greeted by friends who came to celebrate her very special 100th birthday with exercise, cards, flowers, and of course, cake and ice cream! Rick Argall photo.


As Ruth Lindstrom awoke on Friday morning, April 26, 2024, she approached her day as she so often does, doing what she loves to do. She loaded up with her son, David Lindstrom, and headed for her exercise class at Riverside Athletic Club in Merrill. The Silver Sneakers program eagerly awaited her arrival, as she walked through the front doors and into the gym. After walking past many cards, balloons, and decorations, she was now aware that they were having a surprise birthday party to help her celebrate this historic and monumental day in her life. Many friends and family members greeted her with a thunderous salute, singing Happy Birthday to her.
“Group exercise is a great way to meet new friends and is a very important part of my weekly activities,” Ruth said.
The class continued on with music from the decades of Ruth’s life playing through the speakers, dating back to the 1920’s. Ruth took her front-row seat and exercised with the rest of the group, wearing a smile that was impossible to hide.
When exercise class concluded, the crowd moved to other rooms in the gym and presented Ruth with a large sheet cake, coffee, and birthday presents. Once again, her family and friends joined in together and sang Happy Birthday to her. When asked about the keys to a healthy and happy life for her, Ruth said: “My faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” She also said: “It’s important to eat right, exercise, and have good friends. I do Silver Sneakers two to three times a week.”
Born on April 26, 1924, in Akron, Ohio, Ruth has many fond memories of her childhood growing up during The Great Depression. “I was the oldest child,” she said. “I was always working on the farm, with many jobs to do, and was like the hired man.”
“I have been pretty healthy over the years and have had a pretty good life. My husband passed away six years ago and [I] have many fond memories of my life with him. We went to Arizona for 17 straight winters and served as Bible translators there.”
Ruth’s son, David, explained her diet and the meals he prepares for her daily. “Chopped beef with blueberries covered in mayonnaise is her favorite, and I pretty much make that for her daily,” David said. “She insists on it.”
Ruth lives with David, and he provides assistance for her daily care as needed. “My son, David, takes good care of me, and you just have to keep going and enjoying your life,” Ruth said.
“Ruth has been an inspiration to us all, a pillar for what we should all aspire to be,” said Brandon Wilde, Riverside Athletic Club President and Owner. “Happy 100th Birthday, Ruth!”

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