LCHS January Honorariums

The Lincoln County Humane Society would like to thank everyone who donated in honor of a loved one in January:
Louise Fox by Brian Fox, Leah & Brian Henkelman, Joyce Hannemann, Cheryl Kanitz & Scott Kasten, Michelle Livingston, Gary & Holly Rauen; Patricia Woller by Nancy Kasper; Kathy Hoffman by Marilyn Schmidt; Pat Woller by Dan Woller; Toby DuPlayee by Friends; Sue Pfantz by Bob & Peggy Bauman; Rosalie Naef by Bob & Peggy Bauman; Cinder, Mandy, and Smokey by Linda Hattlestad; Helene Annette Hoglund by Eileen Eastman; Nathaleen Krueger by Amy & Jeremy Krueger; Kitty (owned by Michelle Odegard) by Barbara Rambo-Hartley; Bella the dog by Brian Jossart; Mack the Lab by Michael & Donna Schneider; Skyla by Robert & Debra Brown; Mike Kellnhauser by Cheryl & Scott Breneman; Betty Marsh by Mark & Barbara Crapster-Pregont; Bill Schoetz by Penny & Mike Hommerding; Phyllis Frederick by Marge Rice; Lyle Bates by Michael & Juliane Washburn; Fred the cat by Sandra Mayer & Rick Sorensen.
Your support is greatly appreciated!

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