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To the Editor:
There is a lot of incorrect information going around regarding Pine Crest, its operation, and its financial situation:
 Pine Crest is operating in the black. INCORRECT. Pine Crest has not operated in the black, made a profit, nor sustained itself in MANY years. The County Board has had to do last-minute, inventive budgeting to cover the shortfall from Pine Crest for years.
 Pine Crest has a “5-star” rating. MISLEADING, in that it just attained 5-star status after many years of being 3-star. With fewer residents, it is likely easier to attain, but not financially feasible.
 Debt service is paid by NCHC. INCORRECT AND RIDICULOUS. Are we blind sheep? We all know who signed that loan and who has to pay for it.
 No one would benefit from selling Pine Crest. UNKNOWN. Current and future residents may be happier and have better care. Employees and Lincoln County families/taxpayers would be happier as their tax rolls wouldn’t be so burdened and we’d have more for our County’s infrastructure.
County residents do not get precedence. My mother-in-law, a lifelong County resident, was refused twice. Pine Crest has less than 50% capacity. Know of any other business that could survive?
If I were a resident of Pine Crest, I would be much more at ease if I knew that the owner was experienced in nursing home operation, knew the regulations, and wanted to make the business successful. Many companies do make a profit at this and do it well.

– Gloria Rahlf
Rhinelander, Wis. (Lincoln County resident)

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