Lincoln County to seek grant funding to help combat aquatic invasive species

By Jalen Maki

A trio of resolutions unanimously approved by the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors last month will give the County the go-ahead to seek grant funding aimed at combating aquatic invasive species (AIS).
The first resolution approved by the Board accepted a total of $3,000 donated by a pair of Tomahawk-area lake associations.
A $2,000 contribution from the Lake Nokomis District and Friends of Lake Mohawksin’s $1,000 donation will combine to serve as the $3,000 funding match required for a Clean Boats, Clean Waters (CBCW) Grant, administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
According to the resolution, CBCW Grants “provide funding to eligible sponsors to help with the cost of administering a CBCW program that helps prevent the introduction of AIS in Wisconsin’s surface waters or limits the spread of AIS that may already be present.”
With the resolution’s approval accepting the donations, Lincoln County declared its intent to submit a CBCW Grant application to the DNR to cover Lake Nokomis and Lake Mohawksin access points.
The second resolution approved by the Board officially gave the Lincoln County Land Services Department the green light to apply for CBCW Grant dollars.
The third resolution given the thumbs up by the Board allows the Land Services Department to apply for a DNR Lake Monitoring and Protection Network (LMPN) Grant.
Citing Lincoln County’s 720-plus lakes and more than 650 miles of rivers and streams, and noting that the county contains “one of the highest concentrations of natural lakes in the world,” the resolution said the quality of these waters and wetlands are being threatened by AIS and the County “recognizes the importance of the quality of our waters to its citizens and local economies.”
“Lincoln County recognizes the need for a workable plan that will prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species into new waters, and control, reduce, or eliminate aquatic invasive species already present in some bodies of water,” the resolution said.
The resolution said the Lincoln County Land Services Department will continue to increase public awareness of aquatic invasive species by implementing activities to prevent and control their spread. A DNR LMPN Grant would cover 100% of such activities.
The resolutions did not provide a specific timeline for the grant application processes.
Lincoln County has previously received CBCW Grant funding and has offered CBCW services through an LMPN Grant.

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