Merrill Varsity Football regular season is a wrap, but playing a “futures game” Friday night


The Mosinee Indians came out hot in their matchup with the Merrill Bluejays last Friday, Oct. 13, 2023. The Bluejays traveled to the Veterans Park Football Field in Mosinee to play against the team from Mosinee High School, and they were up against stiff competition from the start. “The Mosinee defense was formidable, and we couldn’t put ourselves in a position to be successful,” said Merrill Varsity Football Coach Jason Wadzinski.
Mosinee players made five touchdowns and five good kicks and racked up 35 points before the first quarter clock ran out and racked up 35 points. The second quarter the Bluejay defense was able to keep Mosinee from adding anymore to their scoreboard, but they couldn’t get a touchdown for their team. At halftime the score was Merrill 0-Mosinee 35.
The second half of the game wasn’t quite as painful, but the third quarter was another setback for the Bluejays when the Indians added two more touchdowns and successful kicks and the accompanying 14 points to their total. Fourth quarter was another scoreless quarter, but though Merrill kept the Indians from adding more points to the score, the Bluejays ended the game without getting any points on their side of the scoreboard.
“The Bluejays finished out their regular season with the conference champs,” Wadzinski said.
Despite the regular season being a wrap, “We will be adding a week 10 game on Oct. 20 at Jay Stadium,” he said. “This game will be between Merrill and Wausau East and is dedicated as being a ‘futures game.’ It will be a matchup consisting of all Sophomores and Juniors, acting as a preview for next season.”
“I hope you will come out one last time and cheer on the future of Bluejay football!” Wadzinski said.
Box Score:
Merrill 0 @ Mosinee 49

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