Enjoy fall colors from the road

Driving through fall color is a great way to see multiple sights each trip.

Looking to see tons of red, yellow, orange, and brown foliage? Many of Wisconsin’s parks have phenomenal roadside views with plenty of parking available. Be sure to buy a 2023 admission sticker from the DNR admissions page online at: dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/parks/admission.
Here are some tips on staying safe while enjoying the best fall colors from the road:

  • With fall comes quickly changing weather conditions and reduced daylight hours. Stay ahead on vehicle maintenance and replace dim or burned out headlights. Cleaning or polishing headlight lenses can help with visibility too.
  • Wet leaves stick to windshields, so clear these before heading out. Do not count on them blowing away while driving. A clean windshield and sunglasses reduce morning and evening glare.
  • These beautiful fallen leaves also obscure hazards (below and above road level) and can be slippery with wet conditions. With this, ensure your tires have enough tread to channel water away from the wheels. Be careful with puddles, as some may be unexpectedly deep with seasonal rainfall.
  • Be mindful of others. Watch for children near schools or along roads before and after school. Joggers, pedestrians, and cyclists are also likely to be on the roads on comfortable cooler weather days. Keep an eye out for wildlife and deer, especially around dawn and dusk. Where there is one, there are likely more.
  • Bring another person along for the drive. One person takes the wheel while the other relaxes and takes in the scenery. Swap roles throughout the drive and get the best of both worlds. As always, leave extra space ahead of the vehicle for stopping distance.
  • When planning a drive to a forested overlook destination, consider which direction the overlook faces, and if that area would best better be viewed during sunrise, sunset, or mid-day.
    Now you’re ready to take on the road and the leaves even safer than before. To find more parks near you, check out the DNR’s Find a Park page at: dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/parks/findapark.

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