LCHS June donors

The Lincoln County Humane Society would like to thank everyone who donated in June:
Thomas Hensel; Meghan Stevenson; Dean Barker; Nelson Reynolds; Tomahawk TTT & Community Helping the Community Bake Sale; Sawmill Brewing Company; Cecil Ballou ; Michael Oemichen; Angeline Marquis; Loretta Whipple; Ruth James; American Online Giving Foundation; Rich Tegge; Nadine Appel; Tyler Morger; Darlene Raunio; Matthew D. Love; Deb Lupton – Church Mutual Insurance Company; Allen Carr; Pamela Welch; Janet Selnes; Joyce Camel; Kendra Hawley; Ivy Catlin; Park City Credit Union (Tomahawk Branch) – Share the Care Event; Joy Anderson; Eric & Kristen Scharp; Mary Leyk; Network for Good (facebook); Tasha Jaeger; Sharayah Lee; Paypal Giving Fund; Amy Hameister; Jane Parsons; Tammy Wawrzyniec; Dan Kniess; Daniel & Jane Schulz Hilary Scully; Patti Stickler; and anonymous.
Your support is greatly appreciated!

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