June Garden of the Month


Joe and Carrie Osswald’s property has been named Garden of the Month for June 2023.

Park City Gardeners have announced the June 2023 Garden of the Month is owned by Joe and Carrie Osswald and located at 1310 E. 8th St. on the corner of East 8th and Elm streets in Merrill.
“Joe and Carrie invite you to enjoy a view of their serenity,” Park City Gardeners representatives said.
“Joe and Carrie moved into their home four years ago. The previous owners left behind a solid base of perennials which has been expanded into a beautiful flower garden,” they said. “Over the years, Joe continually looked for plants and flowers that complemented the beautiful perennials … Each year he has added and continues to add a little more to create a beautiful serene garden. The garden includes perennials, annuals, shrubs, and wildflowers. Many of the plants have not blossomed yet, giving them beautiful color all summer long.”
“In addition to the garden, there is beautiful foliage and many flowers adorning the landscape around the house. As Joe and Carrie travel throughout the area, they continually look for unique décor to add to their garden and yard.”
Their goal is to make their yard and garden a truly “happy place,” the Osswalds said.

A walkway between cultivated flower beds makes for a serene place to walk among the blooms.
Curated objects, such as this fountain, enhance the flowers and foliage in the Osswald garden.

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