Beyond Books Community ArtShare: Wait, that’s LEGO too?

The Beyond Books Community ArtShare Program at the T.B. Scott Free Library is excited to present: Wait, that’s LEGO too?
During July and August, Tim and Dawn Dunbar will showcase a wide, new assortment of their LEGO collection on display at the library.
Guests at the library can view the collection and vote for their favorite for a chance to win their very own LEGO succulent kit!
Tim and Dawn Dunbar accidently started collecting LEGO sets in the late 1980’s when they bought some sets for their daughters. It has since turned into purchasing dozens of new sets each year. Tim said they consider picking out kits they like and spending time together assembling them to be more of a hobby than a collection. Sharing them with others is fun, so every set, now totaling 620, is currently assembled and on display in their home. This amounts to around 400,000 individual LEGO pieces.
Last year the Dunbars visited Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry to view the Nathan Sawaya LEGO sculpture exhibit.
On July 25, the T.B. Scott Free Library will also host LEGO Day at the Library. Come and enjoy fun things to do on the second floor. Tim and Dawn
will once again be available from 4-6 p.m. to answer questions and demonstrate another remote-controlled LEGO creation.
Check out all the completed LEGO kits on display including dinosaurs, Star Wars robots, the movie UP, and a very detailed old fishing village. You’re sure to think, “Wait, that’s LEGO too?”

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