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To the Editor:
Pine Crest Letter

We who sign this letter are Lincoln County residents. We believe this county has a moral obligation and the financial resources to keep Pine Crest Nursing Home in good operating condition, that Pine Crest should not be sold, shut down, or demolished.
As of this writing, 80% of Pine Crest residents are on Medicaid, which is the least generous of payer sources. That is to say, the vast majority of Pine Crest residents are poor. And since most privately-owned nursing facilities limit their Medicaid admissions to 10-20%, it’s obvious that Pine Crest, like other publicly owned nursing homes, is a refuge for the most vulnerable among us. Their care depends on public support. Responsibility for that care belongs to us.
The Lincoln County Board would have citizens believe that there is inadequate money available to save Pine Crest, that the lack of funds is strictly a county problem. There are, as of this writing, roughly $5 million of ARPA funds in County possession. (ARPA stands for American Rescue Plan Act, and the $5 million was allocated to the County by the federal government.) In addition, the County is in a position, with its 100,000 acres of County forest, to sell carbon credits for at least $5 million. That money may not be immediately available, but any agreement would be legally contractual. The current County Board has not explored or acted on that offer.
It’s true that the state legislature, over the last 15 years, more or less, has squeezed county revenues to the point of great stress (from highway maintenance to the nursing home), even as the legislature has roughly $7 billion–not million, billion, which is 7,000 million–as a “rainy day fund” that it has been unwilling to share with local governments.
The Marathon County Board met on April 25 and passed a resolution asking the state legislature to assist in the funding of both Marathon County’s Mount View and Lincoln County’s Pine Crest, and that resolution is to be on the agenda of the Lincoln County Board when it convenes on May 16 at 6:00 p.m. It is rational to anticipate a unanimous yes vote on that resolution.
In addition, various agencies of the federal government have all manner of grant programs available to local governing bodies. We recognize that researching those programs and submitting grant proposals takes time, and that an already barebones county administration is stretched for time. This is a catch-22, but a county with pressing need cannot afford to allow beneficial programs to slip away—or the money associated with those programs—for lack of creative initiative or political vision.
Keeping our most vulnerable people in good health, with high-quality care, is our collective moral responsibility. The County can afford it. We can’t afford not to afford it, for what that would say about our lack of compassion. Not caring until you need care might be better than never caring. But caring now is better for everyone concerned.

– Catherine Baratta & Bob Polesnak; Karleen & Gene Bebel; Hans & Katie Breitenmoser; Richard Brown &Cathy LeMay-Brown; Carol & Al Crevier; Sisters Carol Crosby, Celine Goessl, Pam Hodgson, Peggy Jackelen, Kathy Lange, Joelle Mauer, Dorothy Niemann, Linda Songy, Mary Anne Rose , Mary Michael Smits, & Kathy Wiesneski ; Todd & Renae Frederick; Kyle Galke; Joel Gilk; Paul Gilk & Susanna Juon-Gilk; Dick & Sue Hass; Walt & Cheryl Hobbs; Sarah & Don Litzer; Russ & Carol Mancl; Tim & Caroline Meehean; Irene & Mark Mehlos; Bob Richards & Virginia Jach-Richards; Robert & Diana Smith; Sandy Stoneman; Laurie Svetlik; Freida Swanson; Pat Voermans; Rita & Marty Webb; Carol & Bill Wendorf; Kevin Wendt; Judy & Ray Woller; and Tom & Lynn Zentner
Merrill & Tomahawk, Wis.

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