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We welcome letters to the Editor, a chance for members of the community to comment on issues of concern to them. All letters must be original, not duplications of letters addressed to public officials or written by others. The views and opinions expressed are those of the letter writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication, its publishers, Editor, or staff.

To the Editor
The upcoming Supreme Court race is EXTREMELY important for Wisconsin! The job of the Supreme Court is to ensure the laws passed by the politicians are constitutional. The Constitution protects “we the people” from government overreach. It protects our liberties.
Currently, constitutional conservatives hold a 4-3 advantage on the court. Historically, liberal judges tend to disregard the Constitution and legislate from the bench. If the balance of the court flips liberal, our gun rights, hunting rights, school choice rights, as well as our freedom of religion, speech, and assembly will all be in jeopardy. Voter ID laws will be eliminated and the illegal drop boxes will be reinstated.
Our constitutional liberties are on the line. We need constitutional conservative Justice Daniel Kelly to maintain the 4-3 balance on the court. Please vote April 4 and encourage fellow freedom loving family and friends to do the same! This election is about much more than abortion rights. As our government becomes more and more corrupt and self-serving, our constitution becomes more and more crucial to protect our liberties and freedom.

– Karen Schooley
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor
I’ve been a resident of Merrill for over 60 years and love Wisconsin. I see possible danger ahead! The purpose of this letter is to urge my friends and fellow readers to VOTE for Dan Kelly for the Supreme Court in the April 4 election. Former justice Kelly believes that our Constitution is worth fighting for and that the rule of law is always worth defending. He is experienced and trust worthy, and he is NOT a judicial activist. This means that he will call the shots as he sees them in conformity with the law. He will vote to uphold the law, not to change it. That’s up to the legislature, not the Supreme Court! Please vote April 4 and vote for Dan Kelly.

– Dieter H. Nickel
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor
The Importance of Your Vote!

With just a touch of a pen, a liberal majority in our judicial government could snatch away our freedoms. The following are just a few of the rights that are threatened to be taken: our second amendment right of Castle Doctrine (the ability to defend ourselves and our families in our own homes), Conceal Carry protections (the choice to protect ourselves and families outside our homes), government intrusion to use public health emergencies to again shut down our churches, businesses and schools, Act 21 (which ended state bureaucrats creating laws without oversight), the REINS Act (which gives the Legislature power to stop costly regulations), the work requirements for welfare, the requirement to show your ID at the polling place, and even our parental rights to participate in our own child’s education! No candidate is perfect but we must vote for the least liberal one. Please vote for Daniel Kelly for Supreme Court to preserve our freedoms, to maintain our constitutional rights, and to defend our right to life!

– Kathleen Gruetzmacher
Merrill, Wis.

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