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To the Editor
Dear Lincoln County Voters:

On April 4, 2023, voters will decide on a new justice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Currently the seven-person court is dominated by four conservative justices. One of the conservatives is retiring. Whoever is elected will tilt the court’s balance right or left. Among the issues likely to come before the supreme court this year is whether our 1849 law, making it a five-year felony to perform an abortion, remains on the books. This is an issue of tremendous personal consequence to many Wisconsinites.
Spring elections usually are low turnout affairs no matter how important the issues may be. If you are thinking about sitting this election out, ask yourself if you really want this important decision to be made for you, by a small minority of conservative leaning political activists who vote in every Spring election. Let your voice be heard. Vote April 4th.

– Don Dunphy
Merrill, Wis.

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