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Plane (Now playing in theatres)
This film is rated R for language, violence, and peril

This week my movie review features a film called Plane, starring Gerard Butler, and folks, it’s pretty darn good.
This is one of those that, if I say too much, will spoil the film, so bear with me as I struggle to give you some sort of understanding of this one.
So we have a flight, and that flight gets hit by lighting and has to make an emergency landing. On board are 14 people of various nationalities and 1 prisoner being transferred to the United States.
They all end up on some raggedy island in the South China Sea controlled by bad guys. Said bad guys see the plane and think,“Oh, goodie! Hostages. Hurray! We gonna get paid. Booya!”
Pilot and prisoner team up; bloodshed ensues.
Simple enough, I know, but it’s actually a pretty entertaining film. It has a solid story line, and it’s realistic.
No John McLean antics in this one. Just straight up fighting and action with real characters. No characters are over the top, and let me tell you true, it is TENSE. They really rachet up the tension in this one, folks. It really is edge-of-your-seat stuff.
While the likelihood of this one ever winning any awards is slim to none, and it has no social commentary, it is a fantastic way to kill a couple of hours. I know for me, the film flew by, even with a 1-hour, 47-minute run time. It just cruised by, and that’s a good thing.
Most definitely a popcorn flick, and this one is a hard R, so leave the kiddos at home. Three out of five stars for Plane.

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