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The Librarian Trilogy (Streaming on multiple channels/apps)
This film is unrated but suitable for all audiences

Hi all. Nothing was in the cinema this week that caught my attention, so it’s into the way-back machine this week to get a great one or three for you.
The Librarian Trilogy started off in 2004 with the first made-for-TV film that follows the adventures of career academic Flynn Carsen who, having been kicked out of college after his 20th degree, is at a lost as to what to do with his life. Then a mysterious envelope containing an invitation to interview for a prestigious position with the Metropolitan Library arrives.
Enter Charlene, the penny pinching gatekeeper, and Judson, the Senior Librarian (played by the ever-awesome Bob Newhart). Flynn, of course, gets the job and it’s off to the races.
You see, the library houses all the mystical and mythological items that can muck up the world, and the Librarian’s job is to find and retrieve these items before the bad guys do.
There are three films in the series: Quest for the Spear, Return to King Solomon’s Mines, and The Judas Chalice, and all three are just a ton of fun to watch. Yes, they are cheesy. Yes, they have made-for-TV early 2000’s special effects, but despite that, they are simply fun movies.
The best part of these films is that the entire family can sit down together and watch them. The violence is mild, the language is G-PG, and the getting down and funky stuff is definitely PG, if you catch my drift.
There is also a short-lived TV series based on the films that you can feel free to try out, but it fails (in an epic way) to live up to the films it is based on.
The Librarian Trilogy is available streaming on multiple channels and apps, and I say this, if you are looking for a fun, cheesy, family-friendly series of movies to watch, you could do far worse than these three films. Four out of five stars for all three in the film series. So pop the popcorn and settle in and watch Flynn Carson embrace his inner nerd and save the world.

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