Merrill Foundation, Inc. launches website

Merrill Foundation, Inc. now has a website: The Foundation was created in 2021 to provide funding support to benefit programs in the greater Merrill area.
“Our user-friendly website will help people learn about unique funding opportunities, how to apply for grants, and ways to contribute to the community,” said Merrill Foundation President Jeremy Cordova.
At its inception, the Foundation kicked off with a first donation of $25,000 from Church Mutual Insurance Company. It is open for funding from individuals and businesses wishing to see their donations benefit Merrill area programs.
“People can donate to the Merrill Foundation and know the funds will be kept in the Merrill community to support local needs and enrichment opportunities,” said Merrill Foundation Treasurer Renea Frederick.
The Merrill Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, philanthropic organization created to support programs in the greater Merrill area. The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including making distributions to local non-profit organizations.
Current board officers are President Jeremy Cordova, Vice President Laura Huggins, Secretary Linda Semling Peterson, and Treasurer Renea Fredrick. Board members include Angela Bailey, Gregory Gill, Christopher Grunenwald, Michael Grunenwald, Elizabeth McCrank, Julie Bushor, and Susan Ryman.
Visit the new website for more information.

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