2022 Mid-term Fall Election results: Schneider wins re-election as Lincoln County Sheriff, voters again say No to MAPS referendum

In statewide races, Lincoln County resoundingly voted Republican but that didn’t necessarily correspond with tight statewide numbers/results


• Voter turnout in the Tuesday, November 8, 2022, mid-term general election was at 59.27 percent in Lincoln County.
• Republican candidates had a clean sweep in Lincoln County, with the majority of residents voting for the Republican candidates in all races and clearly preferring Tim Michels and Roger Roth (59.64%) in the race for Wisconsin Governor and Lieutenant Governor. However, those results did not necessarily correspond with the statewide results. Tony Evers/Sara Rodriguez had 51% of the votes statewide, and Michels conceded to Evers early Wednesday morning.
• In the race for Secretary of State, 59.54% of Lincoln County voters preferred Republican challenger Amy Loudenbeck by a 7,944-4,946 vote over Democratic incumbent Doug LaFollette. Statewide, however, LaFollette had an extremely slim lead over Loudenbeck, with LaFollette getting 48.3% of the vote and Loudenbeck garnering 48%.
• In the race for State Treasurer, 61.34% of Lincoln County voters chose Republican John Leiber by a 8,136-4,773 vote over Democrat Aaron Richardson. Statewide Leiber took the win over Richardson with Leiber getting 49.6% of the vote and Richardson garnering 48.2%.
• The races for Wisconsin Attorney General and U.S. Senate were tight. While Lincoln County voters clearly preferred the Republican candidates in both of these races (59.81% voted for Eric Toney for Attorney General and 63.31% voted for Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate), statewide the results weren’t quite as obvious. Democratic incumbent Josh Kaul took the win over Republican challenger Eric Toney in the race for Attorney General, with Kaul getting 50.7% of the vote. Republican incumbent Ron Johnson took the win over Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes, by a slight margin, with Johnson getting 50.5% of the vote.
• For the 7th Congressional District seat, Republican incumbent Tom Tiffany held his seat with 61.9% of overall votes. In Lincoln County, Tiffany garnered 62.95% of the votes, with voters casting 8,483 votes for him versus 4,985 votes for Democratic challenger Richard Ausman.
• Republican Calvin Callahan will hold his seat as Representative to the Assembly for the 35th District of Wisconsin. Nearly two-thirds (65.14%) of Lincoln County voters cast ballots for Republican incumbent Calvin Callahan by a 8,530-4,544 vote over Independent challenger Todd Frederick. The votes in the other counties in the 35th District similarly showed Callahan with a majority of votes.

Lincoln County Races
• Republican incumbent Sheriff Ken Schneider won his bid for re-election as Lincoln County Sheriff with 63.68% of the vote. Schneider garnered 8,238 votes to Independent challenger Garrett Dinges’ 4,271 votes. Write-in candidates for Sheriff received 428 votes.
• Unopposed Republican candidates Valerie Caylor and Thomas Barker won their bids for Lincoln County Coroner and Lincoln County Clerk of Circuit Court, respectively.
• The MAPS $2.5 million per year for four years operational referendum once again failed to get voter approval. This time 8,574 voters cast ballots on the question and 52.24% of voters said No. (In the April 2022 election, only 4,145 voters voted on the question, and 56.91% voted No.)
• On the Lincoln County referendum question asking if the State should prohibit election officials from soliciting and using private resources from special interest entities for the purpose of administering elections and referendums, Lincoln County voters (84.05%) resoundingly said Yes, it should be prohibited.
• In the Town of King, in response to their referendum question, 55.38% of voters said No, the person holding the office of Clerk in the Town of King should not be appointed by the Town Board.
• Regarding the Rhinelander School District operational referendum, in which Lincoln County Town of Harrison voters were asked whether the District should be authorized to exceed the revenue limit by $4 million per year, 56.19% of the 194 Town of Harrison voters who cast ballots said No. Similarly, Langlade County Town of Parish voters responded with 40 voters saying No and 25 voters voting Yes. However, it was Oneida County voters that had the majority of this vote, and a large majority (5,698-3,844) of Oneida County voters said Yes, so the Rhinelander Schol District referendum did pass.

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