A&L Committee to “review structure” of Lincoln County board in cost-saving effort

By Jalen Maki
Tomahawk Leader Editor

The Lincoln County committee tasked with policy and oversight for the County’s Administrative Coordinator, Office of Corporation Counsel, and the Computer Services Department is set to take a look at how the County’s Board of Supervisors is organized in an effort to cut down on costs.
A resolution passed during the Board’s meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022, directs the Administrative and Legislative (A&L) Committee to “review the structure of the County Board to look for cost saving efficiencies.”
The resolution points to the $1.2 million deficit the board faced when crafting the 2023 County budget, noting that the Board has “required multiple departments, agencies, and programs to reduce their budget.”
“Members of the County Board along with members of the public have discussed the expense of the County Board with the County Board Chair,” the resolution stated.
The review will be an Agenda item on the A&L Committee’s regular meeting and will be “absorbed in the normal meeting’s budget,” according to the resolution.
Under the resolution, the Committee will conclude the review by its April 2023 meeting and will report to the full County Board “periodically as the process progresses.”

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