The Marathon County Sheriff’s office issued the following release on Oct. 19, 2022:

WAUSAU, Wis. – The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Wisconsin issued a press release yesterday (shown below) detailing the conviction and sentencing of Levi Bagne. This conviction was one of several as part of an investigation led by the FBI’s Central Wisconsin Narcotics Task Force (CWNTF).

Bagne was the head of a drug trafficking organization (DTO) in which he and his co-conspirators were moving large quantities of Methamphetamine from Arizona to Wisconsin. Once the methamphetamine was trafficked to Wisconsin, most was being distributed by Bagne’s network in Marathon and Lincoln Counties. During the investigation the CWNTF seized approximately 20 pounds of methamphetamine,
$104,000 in cash, several vehicles, a residence and 15 firearms.
Bagne was sentenced to 16 years in Federal Prison for his role as leader of the DTO.
According to the sentencing memo issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bagne’s DTO was “one of the largest methamphetamine conspiracies seen in the Western District of Wisconsin in recent memory.”
In total, this case led to eight indictments of conspirators and significant sentencing across the board:
• Levi Bagne: 16 years Federal Custody
• Matthew White: 14 years Federal Custody
• Corey Freyermuth: 8 years Federal Custody
• TJ Myers: 11 years Federal Custody
• Jacob Willox: 12 years Federal Custody
• Krista Sparks: 2.5 years Federal Custody
• Amy Pehlke: Due to be sentenced in December.
• Conspirator #8: Indicted, but not yet convicted.

Member agencies of the CWNTF were aided by the Marathon County District Attorney’s
Office throughout this months-long investigation. The success of the operation is a
direct reflection of the teamwork and commitment demonstrated by Federal, state, and
local partners that comprise the CWNTF and demonstrates why such partnerships are
important. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be part of this team.

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