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To the Editor

This year six schools will be participating in the Food For Kids program: Pine River Little Learners, Washington Elementary, Kate Goodrich Elementary, Prairie River Middle School (grades 5 and 6 only), Northern Achievement Center, and Trinity Lutheran School. Also this year we have opened our program to any families who may be struggling and have a need to receive meals on the weekends.
For the last several years the Food For Kids committee at St. Stephens UCC has provided all of the necessary aspects of the program: purchasing and storage of the food as well as coordinating the bagging and distribution to each of the participating schools. We will continue to do this for the 2022/23 school year.
In this last year, an average of 245 children participated in the program at a total cost of $33,000. Assuming the same number of children and recognizing the increased cost of food, we are estimating that the total costs for this coming year will be approximately $40,000.
Food For Kids was started by the Merrill Ministerium and continues as a community ministry. The program has received excellent support from grants and private donations from local churches, charitable organizations, businesses, and individuals. This support will again be necessary if the program is to continue. We would also welcome Board members from other churches and civic organizations. We are, therefore, asking each church, each charitable organization, each business, and every individual to find a way to lend your support. Donations can be sent directly to:
Food For Kids
St. Stephens UCC
903 East 2nd St.
Merrill, WI 54452
Thank you.

– The Food for Kids Committee,
St. Stephens UCC
Merrill, Wis.

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