September Garden of the Month

Beth Mikle, shown with her granddaughters, is honored as having the September 2022 Garden of the Month. Submitted photo.

Park City Gardens selected the yard and gardens at N2659 E. Shore Dr. in Merrill, owned by Beth and Stephen Mikle, to be honored as the September 2022 Garden of the Month. The Mikles created their little piece of paradise with the help of their granddaughters, they say.
In 2011, Beth and Stephen purchased their property overlooking beautiful Lake Pesobic, thinking it would be their weekend getaway and a place for their family to meet and relax.
Beth said she started out with a small little shade garden facing the water, but each year found a little time to add a bit more. Then when they moved to Merrill full time in 2017, they really started making changes. Then it was “Let the gardening begin!”
Over the years she has added flower gardens surrounding the house, the garage, and along the street. In addition to flower gardens with many varieties of beautiful flowers, the Mikles have apple trees, yellow raspberries, and a huge vegetable garden on the other side of the street.
This summer has been a busy summer for the granddaughters, the Mikles said. They worked filling buckets of sudsy water with Japanese Beetles daily, a never-ending battle. The girls also enjoy the benefits of the fresh vegetables, berries, and apples, the Mikles say.
To view the beautiful gardens, area residents can drive past the property at N2659 E. Shore Dr., Merrill.

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