Marathon County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a telephone scam in which residents receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office. The scammers identify themselves as an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, provide the recipient’s first and last name, and inform the recipient of the phone call that they have business to conduct with the Sheriff’s Office.
As part of the call, the scammer requests personal information and instructs the recipient to call 715.680.3057 ext. 700 with the requested information. This is not a phone number utilized by the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office.
If you receive a phone call from someone who claims to be from the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office or Marathon County Government or any other government agency or business, and you suspect they are not, ask for the person’s name, department, and phone number and tell them you’ll call them back. You can verify the phone number for the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office by using the phone directory on their website at and use Google or a phone book to verify phone numbers of other agencies or businesses.
Scammers often spoof phone numbers so it looks like they’re calling from an official entity. However, if you verify the number and call back, it will ring in the correct location instead of the scammer’s phone.

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