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Honor Society (Streaming on Peacock)
This film is unrated – but labeled TV-M for language and innuendo

Hi, all. This week we go back to the streaming option since I ran out of films in the theatre to review for you.
Honor Society is an easily forgettable but enjoyable film about an overachiever and her goal to kick the dust of her hometown off her shoes and head off to Harvard. The only obstacles in her way are three overachievers, so she devises a plan to get them out of her way.
As this film laid out its premise and introduced the main character, I nearly switched it off. Honor (the main protagonist’s name) is snarky and very unlikable, not to mention manipulative. But as the story moved forward, we, the viewers, begin to see how her best laid plans begin to have unintended impacts on her, and we come to the conclusion that what we see on the surface is not always what is actually there.
Along Honor’s journey, we meet a young man with a secret that’s really not much of a secret to those who really know him, an introverted young lady that has more depth than most adults I know, and an outcast that has more going on in his head than anyone could possibly guess. And one creepy guidance counselor (we all knew that guy in high school).
This one surprised me. I thought it was going to be one type of film, and then it gob smacked me and turned out to have a lot more depth than I had expected. So it is absolutely worth the time to watch this one, even if it will be forgotten in a few months.
Honor Society gets three out of five stars because it is well crafted and actually has a message it gets across without holding you down and beating you with it. It is very subtle, and that makes it worth the time to watch.

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