MAY 12, 2022
Girl, Stella Jade, born to Aleishia Lewis and Darrell Lewis of Wausau.

MAY 13, 2022
Boy, Keelyn Ravn, born to Trisha Kubichek and Zach Kubichek of Merrill.
Girl, Elsie Autumn Brzezinski, born to Felisha Brzezinski of Merrill.

MAY 18, 2022
Boy, Cash Lee, born to Charlotte Krause and Tyson Krause of Merrill.

MAY 19, 2022
Boy, Hunter Lee, born to Crystal Zernicke and Daniel Zernicke of Merrill.

MAY 23, 2022
Girl, Leah Jean, born to Stephanie Johnson and Hunter Johnson of Merrill

MAY 31, 2022
Girl, Laylah Rayne, born to Emily Potter and Cardell Potter of Wisconsin Rapids.

JUNE 13, 2022
Boy, Jackson Williams, born to Samantha Collado of Marathon.

JUNE 19, 2022
Girl, Carlee Rayne, born to Ayla Karau and Zach Runge of Gleason.

JUNE 24, 2022
Boy, Isaac Dawayne, born to Stacey Dahlke and Dustin Dahlke of Athens.
Girl, Elaina Rain, born to Amber Kottke and Cody Kottke of Athens.

JUNE 26, 2022
Girl, Elora Jean, born to Rachael Waldburger and Michael Waldburger, Jr., of Merrill.

JULY 6, 2022
Boy, Rhett Craig, born to Melissa Wilson and Luke Woller of Merrill.

JULY 8, 2022
Boy, Eland Wayne, born to Taylor Everett and Scott Steckbauer of Wausau, AND
Girl, Ember Rayne, born to Taylor Everett and Scott Steckbauer of Wausau.
Boy, Hank Coleman, born to Michelle Kleinschmidt and Cole Kleinschmidt of Merrill.

JULY 14, 2022
Boy, Nuzong Jace, born to Kangzona Chang of Kronenwetter.

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