June Garden of the Month

Cindy and Brian Lezotte, 607 Poplar St. in Merrill, have the 2022 June Garden of the Month. Cindy is the primary gardener in the family, responsible for creating a little piece of paradise in the yard surrounding their bungalow.
“As you approach the house, it welcomes you with beautiful gardens adorned with a bike from years gone by. The foliage and color glisten in the sun,” the announcement of the award from Park City Gardeners read. “As you venture around to the back of the house, the foliage and color continue on both sides. Entry to the backyard opens up to a beautiful garden that is filled with color, foliage, garden art from years gone by, and so much more. It is a beautiful place to enjoy your morning coffee. It is also a beautiful place to retreat at the end of the day to enjoy the wonders of nature.”
To view Cindy’s beautiful gardens, passerby can see them from the front on Poplar Street and by driving through the alley on the south side of the house.
“Gardens are flourishing all throughout Merrill and we invite you to watch for the next pick, or take a drive and enjoy them for yourself,” Park City Gardeners said.

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