Eleven new Lincoln County Supervisors take oaths of office

Friske elected as board Chair, newcomer Boyd Vice-Chair

By Jalen Maki

Eleven new members of the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors took their oaths of office during the Board’s meeting at the Lincoln County Service Center in Merrill on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.
The new Supervisors, who make up half of the 22-member Board, will serve two-year terms.

The Board elected its new Chair and Vice-Chair during the meeting.
District 9 Supervisor Don Friske and District 14 Supervisor Brian Hafeman each received nominations for the position of Board Chair. Friske received 15 votes, securing the Board Chair position, while Hafeman tallied nine.

The vote for Vice-Chair was between new District 10 Supervisor Jesse Boyd and District 21 Supervisor Eugene Simon after several Board members declined nominations. Boyd emerged with 13 votes to become Vice-Chair, while eight votes went to Simon.

After being elected Board Chair, Friske thanked outgoing Supervisors Ann Nelson, Timothy Panfil, Robert Weaver, Joshua Wendt, Christopher Heller, Judy Woller, Hans Breitenmoser Jr., Paul Gilk, Kevin Koth, Patricia Voermans, and Dora Gorski.

“There is a significant number of years of service and experience that is leaving the Board,” Friske said, adding that he appreciated the skill set the departing Supervisors brought to the Board, as well as the time they dedicated to being on the Board.

Members of the Board’s elected and appointed committees were also chosen during the meeting.

Elected committees
The Administrative and Legislative Committee will be made up of Chair Friske, Vice-Chair Boyd, Lori Anderson-Malm, Julie DePasse, Calvin Callahan, Angela Cummings, and Greg Hartwig.
Gene Simon will serve as Chair of the Highway Committee, with Boyd, Randy Detert, George Brixius, and Ken Wickham rounding out the Committee.
The Social Services Committee will be comprised of Chair Cummings, Anderson-Malm, Greta Rusch, Laurie Thiel, and Marty Lemke.

Appointed committees
Finance and Insurance – Chair DePasse, Anderson-Malm, Norbert Ashbeck, Cummings, Simon.
Forestry, Land and Parks – Chair Bill Bialecki, Ashbeck, Callahan, Wickham, Hartwig.
Land Services – Chair Lemke, Bialecki, Elizabeth McCrank, DePasse, Rusch, Detert, Hartwig.
Law Enforcement and EMS/Judicial – Chair Mike Loka, Steve Osness Jr., Thiel, Boyd, Callahan.
Solid Waste – Chair Nathan Peterson, McCrank, Brian Hafeman, Loka, Julie Allen.
Public Property – Chair Bialecki, Peterson, Detert, Hafeman, Lemke.
Broadband – Chair Callahan, Thiel, Wickham, Cummings.
Board of Health – Chair Loka, Osness Jr., Allen, Thiel, Cummings.

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