Affiliation between Blood Center of Northcentral Wisconsin and The Community Blood Center

APPLETON, Wis. – Beginning in January of 2022, The Community Blood Center (CBC) and Blood Center of Northcentral Wisconsin (BCNW) joined forces to better serve our communities and save more lives. Separately, the organizations shared a steadfast commitment to a single mission – to protect the health and well-being of their community by ensuring every patient and family in need has prompt access to blood and blood components. Now, they come together to further this mission while continuing to honor the dedication of local donors and other community supporters who have been essential to their success. This affiliation combines both organizations under a new not-for-profit organizational structure, Midwest Blood Centers, which will make greater collaboration and resource sharing possible.

“When we say our community, we mean it. When you donate blood with us, your blood donation serves local hospitals and patients. With this partnership, we can help heal more of our neighbors, friends, and families,” said John Hagins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Blood Centers and The Community Blood Center. “Providing blood and blood products is all we do, and this affiliation brings the experts of CBC and BCNW together to keep up with and get ahead of the ever-changing needs of hospitals and patients.” It’s not just the patients who benefit, either. Hagins also mentioned, “As our systems integrate, our heroic donors can sign up quicker, donate easier and connect their contributions to a larger community.”

“We are truly excited to see where this partnership will lead and the additional benefits it will bring to our communities, patients and donors,” said Emily Jolin, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Blood Center of Northcentral Wisconsin. “By harnessing the best practices of each organization, we can increase our collective focus on providing life-saving blood products, wherever and whenever they are needed.”

In the future, the community can expect resources to be put toward new locations — which means closer donation centers and more availability to support blood center partner hospitals, physicians, and their patients.

Learn more or join the mission by scheduling a donation with The Community Blood Center at or with the Blood Center of Northcentral Wisconsin at

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