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To the Editor:
Most Americans want to get politicians out of the business of drawing partisan electoral maps. The Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA), which is pending in Congress, outlaws partisan gerrymandering in congressional elections. Because, state legislatures that draw congressional districts, including ours, don’t care about fair maps, a federal law forbidding gerrymandering is necessary.
The FTVA also eliminates other election abuses that have been in the news. If enacted the FTVA would limit voter roll purging and require purged voters to be notified within 48 hours; makes Election Day a holiday; shortens wait times at polling places; requires that, post-election audits have clear rules; and institutes other voting protections nationally that are already the law in Wisconsin.
The FTVA reduces the influence of money in politics. It requires organizations that spend over $10,000 in elections to disclose their donors; increases transparency so voters know who is paying for political advertisement; and strengthens oversight rules to ensure those who break the law are held accountable.
These are things we all agree are necessary for a healthy democracy. But a handful of powerful politicians are blocking this bill so they can maintain their power. That’s unfair and unAmerican. We can fix this. Please contact Senators Baldwin and Johnson and tell them to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

– Donald Dunphy
Merrill, Wis.

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