Schmidt is October Youth Optimist at MHS

Elizabeth Schmidt has been named October Youth Optimist at Merrill High School. Mrs. Joselyn Janz nominated her, saying: “I have had the opportunity to get to know Liz for six years in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. From the start, I have been impressed by her intelligence, maturity, leadership, and dedication. Liz is a talented and confident student who has been academically successful throughout high school. Having taught Liz in AP Human Geography, as well as coached her in Cross Country and Track, I witnessed a driven and responsible student who was always willing to put in the hard work and improve. This can be a difficult skill to master, but Liz has shown this attribute from early on, which is genuine evidence that she can accomplish anything. Liz is not afraid of a challenge or hard work and her character, which includes perseverance and independence, gives her a natural ability to overcome anything that comes her way.”

“I still remember the first time I met Liz during Middle School Track, and I was sincerely amazed by her mature mindset and ability to set and achieve her goals,” Janz continued. “Additionally, Liz is an outstanding teammate and classmate who always supports her peers with positivity, words of encouragement, and help when needed. I have been truly impressed by her sportsmanship and leadership ability. Liz also displays her strength of character and leadership outside the classroom. She is involved in a variety of school and community extracurricular activities. In all of these activities, Liz has taken on a leadership role and worked to achieve the organization’s goals. Liz’s dedication to activities outside of academics reflects her commitment, work ethic, and her constant desire to succeed. Liz’s active involvement throughout her high school career will continue to her post-secondary education and beyond. Liz truly stands out as an exemplary candidate for Youth Optimist of the Month, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will not only achieve her dreams but continue to be an amazing role model and community member. Liz is an extremely motivated and dedicated student-athlete who also demonstrates an optimistic attitude inside and outside of the classroom. As Liz’s teacher and coach, I have witnessed a student and an athlete who has integrity, a positive attitude, and an amazing work ethic. Whether she is running on the track, walking into your classroom, cheering on her teammates, or doing volunteer work, she always has a smile and a positive attitude. Additionally, Liz is a natural leader who encourages her peers to be positive and achieve their goals.”

Elizabeth has been involved with Link Crew, National Honor Society, Student Senate, LEAD, Student Council, Raise Your Voice, Junior Optimist (PR Representative), and DECA (President). She has also participated in Track (Team Captain), Cross Country (Team Captain), Dance, United Cross Country Competitive Ski Team, Stevens Point Running Club, and Basketball. She has received such awards as Athlete of the Week, AP Scholar Award, Spanish Student of the Semester, and Highest Honors on the Honor Roll.
When not in school, Elizabeth is active with the River Bend Trail (Board Member, Representative, and Liaison), Special Olympics, and Middle School Track Meets.

Following high school graduation, Elizabeth plans to attend a four-year university to pursue a degree in business, finance, or political science. She’d like to become a financial lawyer with an emphasis on investments or a lawyer with an emphasis on politics or pharmaceuticals. In addition to earning a degree, she plans to run at the D1 collegiate level. Elizabeth is the daughter of Jenny and Chad Schmidt.

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