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To the Editor:
After attending in person, I watched the last 20 minutes of the video of the Dec. 14 City Council meeting from the City website. I suggest you do the same. Is it any wonder Merrill isn’t growing or has the reputation it does? Between the recent belittling of an elected Alderman by the City Administrator and the Mayor throwing public tantrums, pounding on desks, lecturing Council members, spewing expletives, and collectively suggesting anyone who had the audacity to vote for Donald Trump is a “bunch of buffoons who threatened our democracy on Jan. 6,” can you blame them?

How can the City continue to tout its “Rules of Civility” or Value Statements suggesting they work together in a “respectful manner,” be “accountable for what they do and say,” and “provide professional, respectful service to those who live, work, or visit” here if these are the examples being set by our leadership? This latest outburst is just another disgraceful example of why our citizens need to get involved and demand our leaders be held accountable for their actions. They need to go. Continued complacency by our citizens only empowers them. What you allow is what continues.

It is your community, and it is time to stand up and demand better.

– LaDonna Fermanich
Merrill, Wis.

To the Editor:
Tis the Season

Recently we were shopping at County Market in Merrill for a church chili fundraiser and also to restock our kitchen. There were many, many other shoppers also stocking up for Christmas and thus long lines at the checkout. Gail was paying our bill with a church scrip card and the rest with a personal check. The check was refused because of an unrecognizable banking number. This caused confusion and delay for other customers waiting to checkout. A gentleman in the next checkout aisle gave our cashier lady a handful of cash to pay our remaining bill and left … Nobody present recognized this individual. We immediately stopped at our bank (Nicolet Bank) to find out why our check was refused. We were told this problem is not new in this electronic banking world. Our bank had recently changed its name to Nicolet Bank, thus a different routing number not recognized by the store, and we had just started the use of new checks. Out of this confusing and embarrassing situation, the true Spirit of Christmas was present and the greatest gift for all of us … pay forward. A huge THANK YOU to the unknown gentleman.

– Ron & Gail Behm
Gleason, Wis.

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