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I just got the Feb. 25th issue of Foto News today. Why weren’t people all over Wisconsin notified that this historical building was going to be torn down? We are the guardians of History. Your [sic] willing to destroy Merrill’s history, SHAME ON YOU! You let your administrator Dave Johnson have his way, why weren’t you checking up on what he was doing??? He wants to be in control!!! …
… This man does not own the city of Merrill, and I can’t understand why is it, that every one is so keen of tearing down vintage buildings. We are supposed to save these buildings, Merrill, these buildings are your History!!! Where were the Alderman [sic], why didn’t they trace his steps? Should this event happen, it will be on their shoulders too. Shun them. FIRE Mr. Johnson and the Alderman. These people do not care about your city. It’s time to clean house!!!!
– Janet Helander
Brantwood, WI

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