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To the Editor:
Use our tax dollars wisely
In 2018 MAPS had a school referendum for $2.5 million. I hoped they would use that money wisely. Now, without public input or a survey, the administration and school board, except Ashbeck, according to the minutes, decided to close Jefferson School. The plan is to send grades K-2 to Kate Goodrich, 3rd and 4th to Washington, and send grade 5 to PRMS.
We know smaller schools are better, where children can walk to school and play on playgrounds. With COVID-19 running rampant in our community, they want to bus 177 students across town to spread the virus faster? How will that work?
Last year the district hired two more administrators: an assistant principal at Kate Goodrich and at the High School. But enrollment is decreasing. MAPS employs too many administrators plus most administrators have secretaries.
I heard they are planning to renovate Jefferson School for administration and NAC students. This will cost even more. Moving the students around will likely require more remodeling.
MAPS spent around $200,000 for the lawsuit at Maple Grove.
Please leave three elementary schools with students in K-5 in each building. Cut the administrative staff. Move administrators into the vacant rooms at PRMS or the Senior High or put some in each building. They can interact with students and even help if there is a shortage of teachers. Move the NCA students to PRMS.
Please contact your school board and administration before it is too late.

– Carol Krause
Merrill, WI

To the Editor:
The day after the horrendous events at the Capitol in Washington on January 6, which all of us will remember, the Foto News printed an article about the new executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. According to the article, it is an organization which “opposes all gun control,” even “reasonable restrictions” often supported by Republicans, including mental health background checks.
Last week, walking on Main Street, I saw in a window of a private residence a sign saying “We don’t call 911, we use . . .” and then there was a picture of a pistol. I felt chilled. Who are we as a people of this land?
January 18 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Was it just a convenient holiday? What would he say to us today? Do we take to heart what he preached and taught?

– Susanna Juon-Gilk
Merrill, WI

To the Editor:
The headlines around the world after the violence at our capitol last week are reflecting a tarnishing of our trusted democracy, a weakening of an established ideal we so often take for granted.
Trump’s fabricated conspiracy theories thoughout this election including dismantling the voting boxes, threatening governors to “miscalculate” their vote tallies, suing states- only where he is losing- for voter fraud that was discredited by numerous courts at great cost and tedious tasks during a pandemic, encouraging The Proud Boys to “stand by” for further notice during the debates, and then rallying mobs of protesters outside the white house to execute the vice-president and to march in strength to take back a so-called stolen election. Even the republican representatives who applauded the voter fraud conspiracy have fanned the flames of distrust in our democracy which has resulted in destruction, death, and disrespect to a very legal election. Meanwhile the focus on the problems of our country are ignored- the distribution of the vaccine, the failing businesses, the unemployment, the family get-togethers, climate, and hackers.
When a super bowl takes place, do the losers take havoc on the referees, the winning town and its occupants? No, they shake hands like sports people do to protect the integrity of the game.
Its going to take a great deal of optimism, respect, trust, and humanity to overcome this tragic era. Our country is a beacon to the world. Let’s hope we can work together to make that image a role model to be admired.

– Rita Wiechman
Merrill, WI

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