Updated DHS web page features new resources for parents on e-cigarettes, other tobacco products

Tobacco is Changing. That’s the name of Wisconsin’s campaign to educate parents about the different candy-flavored tobacco products tempting kids into addiction. It’s also the reality of the tobacco landscape – especially when it comes to e-cigarettes.
Remember how shocked you were when you first heard about JUUL, the disposable e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive? Well, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the many shapes that e-cigarettes now take, including smart watches, makeup compacts, they’re even hidden in hoodies and backpacks.
“We are seeing a wide variety of tobacco products that are easy for our kids to hide,” said Judy Sargent, Public Health Nurse, Northwoods Tobacco Free Coalition Lead for Lincoln County. “When parents familiarize themselves with these new products, they know what to look for.”
E-cigarettes continue to be the tobacco product of choice for teens. The 2019 Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavioral Survey shows that nearly half of Wisconsin high school students has tried an e-cigarette, and one in five have used an e-cigarette in the last 30 days.
The good news is that parents can see the tobacco products for themselves at www.tobaccoischanging.com. Site visitors will find photos of tobacco products, ranging from different varieties of e-cigarettes, little cigars and cigarillos, menthol tobacco products, and even new smokeless tobacco products like toothpicks. In addition, parents can get info on tobacco industry tactics like flavors and packaging, and learn how the industry leverages the retail environment. They can also find out about the tobacco prevention and control policies that can reduce youth tobacco exposure and use.
“The Tobacco is Changing website helps parents learn the products, understand messaging that is going out to children, and what they can do,” said Judy Sargent. “The Talk and Take Action fact sheet, empowers parents and provides tips to make it easy to talk to their children about this sometimes difficult topic.”
Lincoln County Health Department partners with the public schools to update language in their policies, information on new guidelines, and how to educate students on why not to use tobacco products.
The Tobacco is Changing campaign plans to roll out new elements in the coming months including videos and social media content, but for now, parents should familiarize themselves with the new website,
Our mission: Providing services to residents promoting optimal health and safety
through prevention, protection, and intervention.
http://www.tobaccoischanging.com, where they can learn the products, get tips for starting conversations at home, and take steps to address tobacco use in their community.
For more information about Lincoln County Health Department’s programs and services, visit lincolncountyhealthdepartment.com or find us on Facebook. Lincoln County Health Department is always working for a safer and healthier Lincoln County.

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