Superintendent’s Corner

MAPS Superintendent Dr. John Sample

After considerable discussion at all committee levels, the MAPS Board of Education approved the administrative recommendation for the elementary school reconfiguration for the 2021-2022 school year.
Please see the grade configuration of our in-town Kindergarten-12th grade buildings for next year:
Kate Goodrich Elementary School-
K-2nd Grade
Washington Elementary School-
3rd and 4th Grade
Prairie River Middle School-
5th-8th Grade
Merrill High School-
9-12th Grade

I appreciate the feedback from the employees and parents serving on the Ad Hoc Committee responsible for analyzing the features of Kate Goodrich and Washington. Their input was especially helpful in determining the proper facility for the appropriate grades. Our instructional practices and professional development opportunities next year will be much more focused as we meet the needs of the students attending their respective buildings.
The Board’s approval of the grade configuration is the first step in making next year a reality. Critical timeline elements to follow include discussions for repurposing vacant sites, determining actual elementary section counts based on the Second Friday enrollment numbers, reviewing preliminary staff reductions/additions, start moving materials to their respective buildings/classrooms, and begin necessary remodeling/updates to new areas. For the first time ever, we know which buildings our students will attend. Now we prepare to assign our staff between the three buildings and at the specific grade levels.
Closing a building is always a difficult decision. But it is a fiscally responsible decision. With declining enrollment comes a decrease in per pupil revenue. Fewer students results in fewer staff and less square footage. The taxpayers of this community trust us to be good stewards of their financial investment while continuing to provide our students with quality education.

Dr. John Sample
Proud Superintendent

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