Superintendent’s Corner, A letter to the Graduating Class of 2020

Dear Seniors,

Please do not allow the uncontrollable events that have affected your senior year diminish the pride I have for you and your accomplishments! While school closure as a result of COVID-19 was swift, you have responded in a remarkable manner!
When I began my administrative career as a Bluejay, you were in the first grade, eager to absorb everything your teachers had to offer. As your Superintendent, I have had the honor to lead the district during your entire high school career. I have witnessed you overcoming the challenges you have faced and the success that has led you to your senior year.
I have also had the privilege to be your judge for the window decorations during each Homecoming Spirit Week. I vividly remember the consistent theme by which you showed your class pride: 20/20 Vision. While the Class of 2020 is visionary, nobody could have anticipated our current circumstance becoming a reality.
While it would never be my wish to have your senior year disrupted in this manner, I can tell you that you have experienced many lessons that will benefit you in the future. You have demonstrated perseverance in the face of adversity. You have shown us that flexibility is a virtue in a world that is constantly changing. You have learned that poise is an essential skill that reaps many rewards. You have shown that strength and determination can overcome challenges. And finally, you have shown that sacrifice can strengthen personal capacity.
Please don’t look back on your Senior year as the year that could have been. Instead, remember this time as a golden opportunity for what might be. While life is not fair, your possibilities are endless.
I speak not only for myself, but for an entire community, when I share how proud we are of the Class of 2020! You are forever in our hearts as we wish you much success in the future.

John Sample
Proud Superintendent

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