Ascension implements temporary visitor restrictions

Ascension is implementing temporary visitor restrictions, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, to minimize disease transmission, specifically the spread of viral respiratory infections including COVID-19. The goal is to protect their associates and visitors by limiting possible exposure to Novel Coronavirus and directing people to the right level of care.
The following visitor restrictions are similar to the infection control precautions we put in place in our hospitals and care sites every year during flu season to protect our patients, visitors and associates.
The current visitation policy at Ascension Wisconsin includes the following:
•Restricting visitors who have flu-like symptoms and/or cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath, runny nose/nasal congestion, or sore throat.
•Limiting visits to two visitors per patient at any given time.
•Visits from children under age 14 will be at the discretion of patients and clinicians involved in their care.
•Per guidance from the CDC, we are restricting visitors who have returned from a country within the past 14 days that the CDC has designated as Level 3 Warning or Level 2 for Novel Coronavirus.
We appreciate the cooperation of our visitors, patients, associates and providers to support our infection control efforts and help minimize the spread of respiratory infections and COVID-19.
Other Operational Adjustments:
•Non-essential business travel by Ascension associates has been suspended for the next 60 days.
•Use of virtual technology for business meetings and other operational issues is being encouraged.
•Community event activities being held at Ascension Wisconsin facilities or hosted by Ascension Wisconsin including large events, defined as greater than 50 people, will be postponed.
•These adjustments will be reassessed if the situation changes.
Ascension’s top priorities are the health and safety of their patients, associates and visitors. They have infection control specialists at their sites of care who work closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local public health authorities to explore and identify avenues to detect, protect and respond in accordance with current recommendations and guidelines. They have strong infection control precautions and protocols in place based on current recommendations and guidelines, and their caregivers are trained in these protocols, so they can protect their patients, associates and visitors at all times. Their infection control specialists also work closely with the CDC and local public health authorities to stay updated on any additional measures they need to consider implementing as we all learn more about this virus and how to stop it.

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